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My Cup Of Tea

[idiom] To like something. To one's liking, taste and so forth. If it is "your cup of tea", it is something that you prefer. Something that someone enjoys.


You have now entered a new reality. Because My Cup Of Tea is an agency that doesn’t follow communication clichés. We have a strong opinion and we stick by it. We want to hear your voice and we will stand by you in order to make a difference. It will be a crazy journey and we will hold your hand, but we will not pamper you.

What We Do

My Cup Of Tea turns communication into a joyride. 

We are a multi-dimensional agency overlayed with a mosaic of different points of view and experiences coming from many people, departments, associates. We embrace work across all mediums and platforms. Advertising, e-commerce, digital marketing, branding, illustration, motion, print, packaging, events. We all know what other agencies can do. We are here for what they cannot.

Our work is never repeated. We do not follow safe paths and specific rules.  We deliver unique results every time. 

Genuinely curious, he is always trying to find the next «big thing» in the digital world. With great experience in digital marketing, he considers himself a builder and he enjoys playing with his IT tools building websites, e-shops and social media campaigns. He feeds on data, conversions and revenue.


Head of Digital Marketing

Raised to believe that every problem has at least two solutions, she won’t give up to any challenge. She loves innovative ideas and pioneer projects, she hates copies of any kind, while having worked side by side with major international brands has truly convinced her sky is not a limit, but an inspiration.


Founder & CEO

Celebrities, models, fashion brands, luxury hotels and a huge list of A-class magazines have gone under his magic wand and his sharp eyes. Obsessed with photography, color perfection and beautiful fonts he is a day dreamer that can turn any boring image into a great trip in the rabbit hole.


Creative Director

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